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From "Doug Rayner" <>
Subject Re: Build of V2.1.0 fails on FreeBSD V6.1
Date Mon, 30 Oct 2006 20:31:47 GMT

Thanks for the quick reply.  I think I have actually found a solution to the 
problem.  I think there is some required housekeeping that was not done 
before the call to perl_call_pv.  I had add the following two line before 
the call and it seems to have resolved the problem.  Would you consider 
putting this into the next release?

    PUSHMARK(sp) ;
    perl_call_pv ("Embperl::PreLoadFiles", G_DISCARD) ;

Thanks and regards,

Doug Rayner
Senior System Architect
Savicom: Next Generation eMail Marketing
(415) 617-9006

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From: "Gerald Richter" <>
To: "'Doug Rayner'" <>; "'Embperl'" 
Sent: Monday, October 30, 2006 12:25 PM
Subject: RE: Build of V2.1.0 fails on FreeBSD V6.1

>> I have done some more research on this problem, and it seems
>> that this line in epinit.c (#973):
>>     perl_call_pv ("Embperl::PreLoadFiles", G_DISCARD) ;
>> Causes the problem.  If I comment it out, everything seems to work.
>> Gerald, if you are seeing this:  what is your opinion about
>> why this might fail?  I took a look at the function
>> Embperl::PreLoadFiles and it seems to be relevany only if
>> mod_perl is in play.  I am not using mod_perl.  Do you think
>> it's safe to comment out this call permanently?
> Yes, it's safe to comment it out. You just loose the ability to preload
> files during Apache startup, which you don't use if you don't use 
> mod_perl.
> Thanks for your research, I will try to find out what's wrong with this
> function.
> Gerald
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