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From "andrew" <>
Subject session problem
Date Sun, 03 Sep 2006 13:01:10 GMT
   I have a question regarding session management and %udat.
when I installed embperl to new web site and used simple script:

<B>The page is requested [+ $udat{counter}++ +] times</B>

I get  "The page is requested 0 times" and get new session every time when
request this page.

I have another web server with same standart configuration and same
apache/embperl/modperl/linux versions
where $udat storing and session management works very well.
Also I tried different Store methods (File and Mysql) of SessionX packet
without success.

What packet version I have to check or what test I have to do for
understanding my installation problems?

Thank you

PS: embperl2.1.0/apache2.0.54/modperl2.0.0 /linux fedora core 4

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