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From Gunnar Wolf <>
Subject Requiring strictness everywhere
Date Wed, 09 Aug 2006 21:36:14 GMT
Yes, I know I am generating most of this month's threads, but
migrating to a new way of working always raises questions ;-) I looked
this up as well, but could only find a 2002 conversation [1] that left
me exactly where I was at the beginning.

I am a fan of writing Perl under the influence of the 'strict'
pragma. It is a great butt-saver. In fact, yesterday I committed a
bunch of changes [2] introducing a [$ var $dummy $] line to each of my

Anyway... If this is just to be filed as a wishlist request, so be it
- But we humans tend to forget stuff. I'm sure I will create one or
three webpages, and then forget to set the [$ var $dummy $] line on
them. No great deal, but it breaks what I expect from the compiler. It
would be great if I could just tell Embperl to enforce strictness on
all of its files, at least on all which are not with Syntax=>'Perl'.

If there is a way, please point me to it :)




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