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Subject Re: Bus error on Mac OS X 10.4
Date Thu, 10 Aug 2006 18:43:08 GMT
> Brian schrieb:
>>>> I have also attached a different file that shows that 'hacks'
>>>> I had to do to get it to compile. There was a problem with
>>>> eputil.c and the timezone variable. It's the same fix that
>>>> was implemented for FreeBSD, just has to be  implemented for
>>>> Mac OS X as well. The changes I made are documented in the
>>>> attached file compilehacks.txt.
> I' am actually running in exactly this problem, while i am trying to
> install Embperl 2.20 on an intel Mac mini
> Unfortunately i can't find mentioned file 'compilehacks.txt' neither in
> the mails nor in the archives and I'm not experienced enough to
> translate the BSD-Hack to MacOSX.
> Would you please be so kind and send me that file?
> Or could Gerald be so kind and apply a Patch to the sources?
> Thanks for helping
> frank

Don't have the file with me right now but try this:

Open eputil.c
Jump to line 2065 which should put you right before "#ifdef WIN32". If
not, move to just before this statement. Add a new line BEFORE it like so:

#define __BSD_VISIBLE 1

I think this should get it to comile. Let me know. :)

- Brian

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