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From "Angus Lees" <>
Subject Re: Global $SIG{CHLD} safe in mod_perl 1.28 with Apache 1.3?
Date Tue, 04 Jul 2006 15:44:45 GMT
On 6/30/06, Matthew Smith <> wrote:
> If I set a global SIG{CHLD} = IGNORE is there any
> possiblity of it propigating to the ultimate parent,
> and thus to all the child processes?  I'm worried that
> if I use the global (even though that's what Stas
> Bekmen does in his mod_perl book example) it could
> possibly cause problems with the way apache forks it's
> own worker processes.

No it can't propagate to the other children via the parent - there is no
mechanism in Unix  for this to happen.  However if you keep setting SIGCHLD
to IGNORE, then eventually you will have modified all the apache children
processes yourself (without touching the parent).

- Gus

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