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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject RE: EmbPerl and graphs GD::Graph
Date Thu, 04 May 2006 07:53:20 GMT

> I am sorry to bother you, probably too many people are 
> writing to you with the same questions over and over again. 
> But I did research on the web and in documentation and still 
> didn't find a clear answer.
> The only answer I found was "Don't use embPerl for graphs, 
> it's a hassle". But I don't want to accept it (yet). 
> Is it possible to use GD Graph with embedded Perl, generating 
> images on the fly and displaying them on the web site like 
> CGI does ? Or the only way is to use regular Perl, save image 
> on disk and then pick it up with embPerl?
> For my work I need to generate BMI graphs for preschool 
> children and I try to figure out which direction to go, what 
> software to choose. Our web-base application is written in embPerl. 
> If you have any examples of the script, I would appreciate it.

As you know there are always multiple request involved, one for the page and
one for every image.

I suggest generating the html page with Embperl and use a normal CGI script
(or a mod_perl Apache::Registry) script for generating the images. That's
the way I do it normaly and it works great!

Sorry, I don't have an example at hand, I could send you.


P.S. Please write any further questions to the Embperl mailing list, so
other can participate...

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