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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject RE: AIX/IHS and embperl build issues
Date Wed, 03 May 2006 09:23:13 GMT
> I'm trying to help sue get embperl working on aix 5.2 In 
> reading the README.v2 you mention a lot of structural changes.
> I'm not the perl guy, I'm the c/c++ AIX guy trying to help 
> out and it occurs to me that if the whole thing was rewritten 
> for apache 2/HIS can we expect the embedded perl application 
> we are trying to migrate to work unchanged?

Most of it will work unchanged, but there a few little tweaks you might have
to do, depending on how the application is written.

> If not, this might be a wasted effort, because we don't have 
> anybody to port this application, and might be better off 
> writing the application another way. Probably not though, it 
> is a big application and a small timeframe and we need to get 
> something working.

The changes you might have to do, are small, so also somebody with little
knowlegde of Perl should be able to do so.

In case this is an option for you, we can also make these changes for you as
consulting work.

> My next question is what is the purpose of Apparently 
> part of mod_perl 1.x and not 2.x This is the first error I 
> encounter so this is the one I'm trying to fix.
> What is this pm for and can I live without it or has its 
> workings been implemented somewhere else?

Apache::src gives informations about the build flags from mod_perl 1. In
mod_perl these informations are taken from Apache2::BuildConfig. An object
of Apache2::BuildConfig should normaly exist in $mp2cfg, so Apache::src is
not used for mod_perl 2.

Both modules are used to determinate the ldflags and other build flags.

Note: Embperl 1.3.x does not work with Apache 2 at all, you need to use
Embperl 2


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