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From "Mike Orb" <>
Subject Package "don't cleanup" help needed
Date Thu, 18 May 2006 14:50:14 GMT
Hi. I just started using Embperl for static site generation. So I'm using
something like:

      inputfile  => $template_file,
      outputfile => $outfile,
      'package' => 'MyPackage',

Now I actually don't want MyPackage messed with and want my templates to
have easy access to variables defined there and they should stay between

I can't find documentation on Execute arguments, but saw reference to the
"cleanup" argument in the Embperl manpage. But when I added cleanup => 0 it
did not seem to help. MyPackage variables were still getting clobbered.

Tanks for any tips and help! And any pointers to the docs for the Execute


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