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From "Donovan Allen" <>
Subject RE: Win32 Embperl fails to run with libxml2.dll error
Date Tue, 25 Apr 2006 10:53:06 GMT
I do hope mod_perl-1 gets supported soon, since that is how I am using embperl, and unless
I am mistaken, there is no other mod_perl+Apache+Embperl combo on Win32 to be had...correct...?
Anyway, didn't get much of a chance to look into it more, but with AS Perl build 813, a new
Embperl 2.2.0 install and fresh libxml.dll, libxslt_win32.dll, libexslt_win32.dll libraries,
embpexec still gives me the same error.  
I looked around to make sure I didn't have some other libxml2.dll in my path and didn't find
any conflicts (and even "deleted" the one in perl to make sure a missing dll error would follow
and after that force re-installed to get it back) I know it is using the libxml2.dll
from the post install script.
When I get a moment (probably weeks from now...heh), I will try from a different machine and
a fresh perl install w/latest AS build and see what happens with embpexec vs libxml2.dll.
As we go into Round 3, we have libxml ahead by 2, Win32-Embperl =0.  Stay tuned after these
messages from our sponsors...


From: Gerald Richter []
Sent: Thu 4/20/2006 10:04 PM
To: 'Randy Kobes'
Cc: Donovan Allen;
Subject: RE: Win32 Embperl fails to run with libxml2.dll error

> Wow, I'm impressed! Yes, that does fix the problem.

Seems like Perl redefines the stat call in an incompatible way, so the
returned struct is bigger than the original one, which has overwritten some

> I've
> placed an Embperl ppm package up at
> for ActivePerl 8xx, based on 2.2.0; this doesn't have

Great! Thanks!

> mod_perl-1 support built in, as I'm having (local)
> difficulties with this, but it does include libxml2 support
> (a post-install script should offer to download the relevant
> external dlls for you).

Do you see any chance to create a version with mod_perl-1 at later time?


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