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From Steve Sapovits <>
Subject Re: Embperl::Object environment variables
Date Fri, 28 Apr 2006 20:40:05 GMT
Kathryn Andersen wrote:

> I believe the preferred method of setting things with Embperl 2.x and
> Apache 2.x is NOT to use PerlSetEnv but to use things like
> Embperl_Object_Base base.epl
> rather than
> PerlSetEnv       EMBPERL_OBJECT_BASE base.epl
> This is because by default, Embperl 2.x using mod_perl does not get its
> settings from the environment (unlike 1.x)
> If you want it to use the environment, you have to set
> Embperl_Useenv
> to true.
> This page is helpful:

Thanks Kathryn.  This led me down the right path.  A few pointers for
anyone else hitting this, all of which I eventually found in the docs

but which may be useful to summarize:

(1)  I was missing the 'LoadModule embperl_module' directive.

(2)  I was missing the 'PerlModule Embperl' directive.

(3)  I needed to add a EMBPERL_APPNAME setting within my <VirtualHost>
      set of Embperl settings (at the top).  The docs explain the need
      for this with Apache/mod_perl 2.

Thanks again.

Steve Sapovits

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