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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject RE: Win32 Embperl fails to run with libxml2.dll error
Date Thu, 27 Apr 2006 04:26:49 GMT
> I've almost sorted out my difficulties with mod_perl-1, so 
> should be able to make a mod_perl-1 enabled package soon, but 
> I'd also like to sort out the difficulties with using libxml2 
> (which I don't think adding mod_perl suppoer will help with). 
> I'm confused about the original error, in which 
> xmlLoadExtDtdDefaultValue could not be found in the 
> libxml2.dll. Doing a dumpbin /exports on my libxml2.lib 
> indicates this symbol is available as 
> ___xmlLoadExtDtdDefaultValue. I'm not sure about the meaning 
> of the 3 underscores in front of the name - most of the other 
> exported symbols just have 1. Does anyone know the meaning of 
> this? Thanks.

That means that the symbolname really starts with two underscores. (The
C-Compiler put's one underscore before every smybol). These two extra
underscores might be the result of some macro substitution libxml is doing.
Maybe Embperl and libxml are compiled with different DEFINE's . I think
there was some changes in the API for thread support and macros to keeps
backward compatibility, but I am not quite sure.


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