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From Daniel <>
Subject cookie troubles -> apache/1.3.6 to lighttpd/2.2.0 issues
Date Mon, 24 Apr 2006 22:17:52 GMT
> > I'm running this with cgi with lighttpd. Since I couldn't get 
> > anythign at all working with, I removed the line 
> > causing to die if used as CGI script, and all 
> > other aspects of it appear to be fine. I did that approach 
> > because I don't know if there's an apache/lighttpd difference 
> > in how the scripts are called. Btw, if I can get this 
> > working, I'd be happy to write up how to use this with lighttpd.
> > 
> I never have used lighttpd, so I don't know the difference. The difference
> between the two scripts is maninly how they get passed the filename.

$http_headers_out{'Location'} = "";
 isn't working from my current setup. Based on what you've said on how
the filename is passed, it doesn't sound like there's an issue there.

Any idea what the problem here can be?

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