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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject RE: Session Management
Date Mon, 27 Mar 2006 18:55:32 GMT
> at the moment I'm working on the session management. It works 
> very well and I like the idea from the udat hash. But I've 
> noticed some strange behaviors. Everytime I'm checking if a 
> user is logged in the system creates a new session id in the 
> database and I muss delete with tied(%udat)->delete; I though 
> a new session id will just be created when I put some stuff 
> in the udat-hash. Can I avoid this behavior? 
> I would like a user only log in once, if a user logs in twice 
> I will be able to delete the old session id. Is there a way I 
> can verify this?

The session id is stored in a cookie, so if a user comes to your site
without a cookie and you are using %udat, Embperl will create a new session.
Embperl cannot know that this is the same user.

You have store the session id of the user somewhere and is the users logs in
the second time you can retrieve the old session id and delete it.


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