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From PILCH Hartmut <>
Subject erratic effect of input key in Execute
Date Sun, 26 Mar 2006 02:04:51 GMT

I find the following example of how to invoke the Embperl parser from a Perl
program, and indeed I can make this work in a simple script, like

	 [- $msg = 'hello world' -]
	 <h3>[- Embperl::Execute({input=>\$msg}) -]</h3>

However, when I repeatedly invoke this with different messages, e.g.

  [- $msg = 'allo mir' -]
  <h3>1 [- hello('hello world') -]</h3>
  <h3>2 [- Embperl::Execute({input=>\$msg}) -]</h3>
  <h3>3 [- hallo('hallo welt') -]</h3>

where 'hello' and 'hallo' are subroutines that just invoke the same as above,
I always the same message three times.   Either it's 'hello world' or 'hallo
welt' or 'allo mir', no idea based on what.

It is as if Execute was using the same memory buffer for all three invocations
and as if that memory buffer was written in one run and used in another.





doesn't change this behaviour either.

I'm using the Embperl 2.1.

Hartmut Pilch

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