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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject RE: Intermittent Segfaults
Date Fri, 17 Mar 2006 20:16:28 GMT

> I have continued testing, and I can confidently say that the 
> problem is definitely not an out-of-memory issue. 


> The new dev 
> version you sent is segfaulting about once for every 100 page 
> requests in dev now, with no load except me clicking around, 
> on a machine with 2G total RAM and plenty of free memory. 
> The segfaults have occurred during pretty much every type of 
> page request, and also not occurred on those same requests. 
> Hitting refresh will always result in the page being 
> correctly sent, with not segfault, on at most a couple pushes.
> Did you get the back-traces I sent? 

Yes. These backtraces are with the new version I sent, right? (I need to
make sure the line numbers of the backtrace matches my source)

> I sent them to your 
> personal account, but I realized that you may check the list 
> more. Every back-trace points to "EMBPERL2_Node_appendChild 
> .... at epdom.c:2835" as the point of segfaulting.
> The only Embperl tags I ever use are the PerlBlock '[* *], [+ 
> +], [- -]' tags. Is there someway I can bypass this 'epdom' 
> code all together? (I don't see any reason for dom-parsing)

This code also parses [..] tags, so you will need it. (It never builds a
full dom tree of your source, it only parses out the tags that you tell
Embperl to process)

I have to take a deeper look at the backtraces. I will come back to you as
soon as possible


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