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From BeeThere Admin <>
Subject Re: Intermittent Segfaults
Date Fri, 17 Mar 2006 17:13:23 GMT
I have continued testing, and I can confidently say that the problem is definitely not an
out-of-memory issue. The new dev version you sent is segfaulting about once for every 100
page requests in dev now, with no load except me clicking around, on a machine with 2G total
RAM and plenty of free memory. 
The segfaults have occurred during pretty much every type of page request, and also not occurred
on those same requests. Hitting refresh will always result in the page being correctly sent,
with not segfault, on at most a couple pushes.
Did you get the back-traces I sent? I sent them to your personal account, but I realized that
you may check the list more. Every back-trace points to "EMBPERL2_Node_appendChild .... at
epdom.c:2835" as the point of segfaulting.
The only Embperl tags I ever use are the PerlBlock '[* *], [+ +], [- -]' tags. Is there someway
I can bypass this 'epdom' code all together? (I don't see any reason for dom-parsing)
This is pretty scary. 

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From: Gerald Richter <>
To: BeeThere Admin <>;
Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2006 11:28:50 PM
Subject: RE: Intermittent Segfaults

> I noticed segfaults in my error logs a couple days ago. I am 
> getting 1 for about every 1K page views. I am able to 
> reproduce it now, but still can't make any sense of it. I'm 
> sending a backtrace, and my environment.

I will send you my current development version per private mail, because it
contains some more checks for out of memory conditions.

Please install it with

perl debug
make install

This will give additional informations in the backtrace, in case the the
segfault happens again. If you still get the segfault, please send me the
backtrace again


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