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From Ben Kim <>
Subject error page problem
Date Thu, 09 Feb 2006 20:25:21 GMT

OK, here's some more details about the error page problem. It seems like a
problem related with Embperl. Could be my site specific.

The error pages going through embperl shows only once per child. 

Embperl seems to make a difference on 404 pages (I didn't do a test that
uses non-embperl for a 500 error.)

404 errors is handled as 500 by embperl

If html is handled by embperl (FilesMatch, etc.) 404 errors invoke a 500
error page. Also, only one access per child shows the custom error page.

If not handled by embperl, 404 errors invoke a 404 error page. All
repeated accesses show the custom error page.

500 errors show only once per child.

(I) If I use print $sql; +  exit(0) call: 

When custom error page shows (once per child), it prints out the sql with
the custom error page (although "not as part of the page" - I mean, it's
shown kind of "outside" the rendered custom page...)

But when custom error page does not show (subsequent accesses), it only
shows this. (print $sql does not work here.)

	[6589]ERR: 32: Warning in Perl code: DBD::Pg::st execute failed:
	ERROR: syntax error at or near "reviewerid" at character 10

(II) If I use die "sql: $sql $@":

Regardless of whether custom error page shows or not, I get the sql.

The error page is still a problem. Could I get some help?


Ben K.

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