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From Ben Kim <>
Subject RE: [re] errors not shown on page Remove Highlighting
Date Wed, 08 Feb 2006 21:25:01 GMT

OK I have an updated question.

>> Oh well, right after my posting, I found the answer. I wasn't doing
>> exit(0) after database error so it wasn't handled as fatal, I guess.

>You should use "die", "exit" will terminate the page processing, but
>will not hand an error condtion over to Embperl

>> Although still, my stylesheet formatted error page shows only
>> at every other reload.

>Looks like it only fails on the first request of every child, so it only
>fails when you hit a new child (or vice versa).
>If it still does not work with die, please post a small example that
>shows what you are doing

Sorry for a late update. I seem to have deleted this post unknowingly. I
found it only after some googling. 

Replacing exit with die worked. 

However, I have a funny problem. My error page is showing only on the
first load of a child, and any subsequent accesses do not get the error
page, but gets the default error string from apache core.

Does anyone have some clue why it would be so? The existing ErrorDocument
documentation doesn't seem to mention this case.


Ben Kim

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