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From Matt J Cwanek <>
Subject Re: Catalyst::View::Embperl ???
Date Sat, 04 Feb 2006 14:58:29 GMT

It is easy to do (I wrote one for Catalyst before it was version 5).

But while they claim to be very template tool agnostic, the guts of 
Catalyst (at least at the time) were very much geared to Template 
Toolkit, which required doing some extra work to get things out of the 
TT-like structures into Embperl.

I'd definitely be interested in playing around with Catalyst again if it 
had an Embperl view module.


Gerald Richter wrote:
>> I've been looking at Catalyst lately.  I wonder if anyone has 
>> considered the possibility of using embperl as the templating 
>> engine?  I see that views can be handled by mason already.
> It should not be hard to write a module Catalyst::View::Embperl and use
> Embperl as view for Catalyst.
> Because I don't use Catalyst, I will not write yet such a module, but if you
> (or somebodyelse) likes to write such a module, I will give you as much
> support as possible.
> I guess the actual code should not be longer than 10-20 lines
> Gerald
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