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From "Andrew">
Subject Re: cgi problem
Date Mon, 27 Feb 2006 10:37:51 GMT
> So I think you want to call some php code from embperl..
> You can do this in Embperl2/apache2 by using a "subrequest".
>  [- Execute({subreq => '/path/myscript.php'}) -]
> You can then use all the usual Execute `output', etc options to
> manipulate the output.

Sorry, no. I want to use some php library functions from
project for creating voip devices.
And some of these functions return arrays.
now I found out how to execute my perl cgi code and process php return
I use /cgi-bin/ subrequest, process php return values
there and return only simple scalar value to Execute 'output'.
But, first, it is long time process to execute cgi code and especially
process big subrequest output.
Second, I want to use these php arrays in embperl...
Of course, better if I could compile "--enable-embed" php feature with
apache, but...

So, may be exist external method of data exchange between perl-cgi and

Thank you

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