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From RobertCZ <>
Subject Re: Redefining common tags? (partial solution)
Date Mon, 30 Jan 2006 10:28:12 GMT
Gerald Richter wrote:

>>PS2 When I'm at it: <td> doesn't have to be closed and 
>>Embperl respects it and according to the HTML specs TR 
>>doesn't have to be closed too - can default Embperl be made 
>>more forgiving and ignore unclosed TR's? My hack just remove 
>><tr> processing completely, that is hardly optimal
>I know that this is an issue, but I don't have any easy way to fix it.
>It's still in my mind and I hope I will come up with an good idea some day.
Yes, of course - it's not a pressing issue - and people might go full 
XHTML after all, we'll see...

>BTW. <td> works because Embperl doesn't look at td at all
Ah! I thought I saw somewhere in the docs about $row/$col variables and 
<tr>/<td> two-dimensional processing - I was too tired on that day I 
guess... ;-)

- Robert

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