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From RobertCZ <>
Subject Re: Redefining common tags? (partial solution)
Date Fri, 27 Jan 2006 11:22:19 GMT
Gerald Richter wrote:

>>Well, now I see it works when I write
>>[$ syntax + ParkhotelPruhonice $]
>><h2>Parkhotel Průhonice</h2>
>>in the file itself, but when I try
>>[- Execute({inputfile => '*', syntax => 'Embperl 
>>ParkhotelPruhonice'}) -]
>>in base file as recommended in the docs...
>I guess you mean that it does not work in the second case?
>Do you set the syntax elsewehre? For example in a get_recipe method?

It's working now, I must have done something stupid... I'm sorry.

- Robert

PS1 Actually I tried

[- Execute({inputfile => '*', syntax => 'Embperl ParkhotelPruhonice'}) -]

but now I have the correct one

[- Execute({inputfile => '*', syntax => 'EmbperlNoTR ParkhotelPruhonice'}) -]

I don't put </tr> elements into HTML and Embperl used to complain so I 
have my own sytax without automatic table processing. I can guess 
Embperl didn't find </tr> in the source and instead of returning an 
error returned some wierd output - it behaves this way at times...

PS2 When I'm at it: <td> doesn't have to be closed and Embperl respects 
it and according to the HTML specs TR doesn't have to be closed too - 
can default Embperl be made more forgiving and ignore unclosed TR's? My 
hack just remove <tr> processing completely, that is hardly optimal

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