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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject RE: 404s not being handled correctly
Date Fri, 06 Jan 2006 09:14:24 GMT

> The tests all pass
> When I have optReturnError not set (EMBPERL_OPTIONS=0) and no 
> ErrorDocument directive I see the 'internal server error' I 
> sent before.
> When I have optReturnError (EMBPERL_OPTIONS = 262144) and 
> ErrorDocument set then I see the page for ErrorDocument 500 
> directive rather than that for the 404, which I thought might 
> be related to seeing internal server error when 
> optReturnError isn't set. 
> Any suggestions as to where I look to try and resolve this?

At the moment in Embperl all error are handled the same and gives a 500
error. I have to handle the not found case special to return the 404 error,
which of course makese sense. I will take a look at it during the next days.

When you use Embperl::Object it's already handled corretcly, that was what
the discussion on the maillist you refered was about.

> Incidentally this page 
> says that optReturnError is set in EMBPERL_DEBUG ... I 
> presume EMBPERL_OPTIONS is correct 

Yes, EMBPERL_OPTIONS is correct 

> Thanks, and Happy New Year!

The same to you


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