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From Derrick Spell <>
Subject Re: Cookies not set
Date Thu, 01 Dec 2005 13:53:48 GMT

On Oct 28, 2005, at 3:36 PM, Gerald Richter wrote:

>> I finally had the time to get in and look at the headers.  It
>> seems the issue was in the expiration calculation.  The
>> cookie that was coming through was set to expire 10 mins
>> before it got there!  I changed the cookie_expires in my
>> config file to read "+1d" but still no good.  Even though it
>> said +1d, I was getting cookies that either would expire
>> within 10 mins or had already expired.
> Could you please do the following test:
> Edit test/conf/httpd.conf.src, goto line 153 and add the line
>   Embperl_Cookie_Expires +1d
> Now run
>   make test TESTARGS="-h 161 162 163 164"
> Then look at test/tmp/test.log and search for SES:. The second time  
> you find
> it, you should see the cookie that is sent. Does it have the  
> correct time
> i.e. one day ahead? (this works for me)
> If it works you see enable dbgSession and watch your embperl.log,  
> what time
> shows up there.

Enabling dbgSession has illuminated the problem.  The date  
calculation seems to be made at the time the server starts up, not at  
the time the cookie is sent.  I used grep to look at all the cookies  
that have been sent in the last week, and they all have the exact  
same cookie expiration date (which of course, was 12 hours after I  
restarted the server last week).


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