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From Derrick Spell <>
Subject Re: Cookies not set
Date Wed, 14 Dec 2005 19:57:14 GMT
I just tried to apply the patch and had two issues:

* I don't have a podsrc/Config.spod, so it couldn't apply the patch.   
I'm guessing this is no big deal.  I'm using the Embperl-2.1.0  
installation tree.

* After applying the patch and running perl Makefile.PL;  make;  make  
test;  I got the following error:

[-1][30304]ERR:  24:  Error in Perl code: Can't locate object method  
"cookie_expires" via package "Embperl::Req" at /home/admin/ 
Embperl-2.1.0/test/html/cookieexpire.htm line 6.

Let me know if I messed up.  I'm still new to patches.


On Dec 9, 2005, at 4:00 PM, Gerald Richter wrote:

> Hi,
>> Enabling dbgSession has illuminated the problem.  The date
>> calculation seems to be made at the time the server starts
>> up, not at the time the cookie is sent.  I used grep to look
>> at all the cookies that have been sent in the last week, and
>> they all have the exact same cookie expiration date (which of
>> course, was 12 hours after I restarted the server last week).
> Yes, you are right! The attached patch fixes the problem
> Gerald
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> <expires.patch>

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