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From Tony <>
Subject Cookies not working at all!!
Date Fri, 30 Dec 2005 06:14:27 GMT
  I guess I am missing something of the basics here, and this is why I am
asking for help. Here is my simple test case:

---> file1.html <---
  $udat{foo} = 'bar' ;  
Click <a href="file2.html">here</a> to load next page.
----> file2.html <---
foo = [+$udat{foo}+]
---> base.epl <---
[- Execute('*') -]

  Observed behaviour: After first page is fully loaded I can see a cookie was
sent and recorded by the WEB client (Firefox in my case). Still when the second
page is loaded the user value stored in %udat hash is no longer present...
Moreover: the cookie is no longer on the browser side.
  On the side I observed a single row being added into the SESSIONS table after
the first page was loaded. This row reads:

select * from sessions ;
                id                | a_session 
 fb4a15184ff5e10560cf23c33eaa1d76 | 
(1 row)

   (BTW: this line persists even after the cookie has dissapeared from the
browser side).

   For the curios eye I am including a full log of the messages exchanged by
the WEB client with Apache server.
    I am also attaching the "httpd.conf" file in the hope somebody can help me.

   Neddless to say I am quite desperate on this I WOULD KINDLY APPRECIATE ANY

--Anton (Tony) Ghiugan

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