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From Kathryn Andersen <>
Subject XSLT Entity substitutions
Date Thu, 22 Dec 2005 06:29:46 GMT

I am trying to process my pages through an XSLT stylesheet.
(Apache 2, mod_perl 2, Embperl 2.10, libxml 20616, libxslt 10111)
The source file is XHTML, the output is also XHTML (but with all
the extra stuff like layout and navbars added by the XSLT stylesheet).

I've managed to get the recipes right, and all that, but...
I'm losing my entities.

For example, the source file has a &nbsp; entity.
The result output has that already substituted as a space character.
This kind of is a problem, because the page isn't proper XHTML
any more, since it has these actual characters there, which might
not be rendered correctly in someone else's browser -- that's what
having those entities is for, so that they can be rendered portably.

I think the reason is this, that in

you have, in multiple places:


Which turns on entity substitution.  Which is a good default thing
to do, for people who want their entities substituted (like, if they
are using entities to read in external files, for example).

However, there doesn't seem to be any way of turning this behaviour off,
if, like me, you want your entities to be passed through untouched.

Is there a way of turning this off?  Or could it be added?

Kathryn Andersen
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