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From Ben Kim <>
Subject Executing a cgi script
Date Mon, 19 Dec 2005 23:32:49 GMT
I'm on Perl 5.8.7, Embperl 2.1.0, Mod_perl 2.0.2 on
Apache 2.0.55 on

I'm trying to Execute a cgi script from an epl page,
but the cgi script doesn't get executed (rather, it's
read as a text file.) Is there an option to make this

1) a.cgi submits data to b.epl

2) b.epl has only the following lines.
<h1>Reading files ... Please wait. </h1>
[$ hidden $] 
[- Execute ("a.cgi") -] 

3) data will be shown by a.cgi, eventually

In fact this epl file is going in between two
instances of one same cgi scripts. i.e. 
a.cgi submits data to b.epl, this executes a.cgi.

The purpose of inserting b.epl is to show a "wait"
screen. I guess I could use Ajax here but 

Is there a better way in cgi/embperl? 



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