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From Carl Eklof <>
Subject Disabling modified checks on templates
Date Sun, 18 Dec 2005 23:16:59 GMT
Hello Fello EmbPerl-ers,
 Anybody know how to tell EmbPerl to not check to see if a template has changed? I'm doing
some performance tuning and trying to reduce the number of disk-accesses.
 I'm using the mod_perl environment, not the Execute method. I set my httpd.conf to contain
 ...which includes the 524288 value, which is supposed to set optKeepSrcInMemory. I can also
print the value of $optKeepSrcInMemory in my page and see that it is set to 1, but if I modify
a page, the changes are reflected upon reload, without restarting the server. EmbPerl must
be checking the disk to detect the change.

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