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From Harald Weidner <>
Subject magic tables in Embperl 2.1.0
Date Fri, 25 Nov 2005 13:28:18 GMT

I have a problem concerning magic tables. In earlier days, I remeber
that the following Embedded Perl code

  [- @ary = ( [a,b], [c,d], [e,f] ) -]

   <tr><td>[+ $ary[$row][$col] +]</td></tr>

the output looked like this:

  Head1  Head2
  a      b
  c      d
  e      f

However, with the same code on a current Embperl 2.1.0 release,
I get this:

  Head1  Head2
  a      b
  Head1  Head2
  c      d
  Head1  Head2
  e      f

i.e. the table header repeats with every line.

Is it possible to get the old behaviour even with the current Embperl?


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