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From Derrick Spell <>
Subject Re: Cookies not set
Date Thu, 27 Oct 2005 13:02:31 GMT
>> I'm having an issue where sometimes the cookie is not being
>> set on the client.  If you do a graceful restart of apache
>> and then try again, the cookie is set.  What's even more
>> strange is that not all clients are having this problem, but
>> the ones that do will have the problem consistently until I
>> restart the webserver (meaning it doesn't seem to matter
>> which apache child they get, they do not get the cookie).
>> Frankly, I'm baffled.  Does anyone have any idea what may be
>> happening.  My embperl config is below
>> Embperl_Cookie_Name "MySecureCookie"
>> Embperl_Cookie_Path /secure
>> Embperl_Cookie_Expires "+12h"
>> Embperl_Cookie_Secure 1
> Do you have any chance to sniff the network traffic (e.g. with  
> ethereal) and
> see if the cookies are really not sent at all?
> You may also compare the request/response to the a request which works
> Gerald

I finally had the time to get in and look at the headers.  It seems  
the issue was in the expiration calculation.  The cookie that was  
coming through was set to expire 10 mins before it got there!  I  
changed the cookie_expires in my config file to read "+1d" but still  
no good.  Even though it said +1d, I was getting cookies that either  
would expire within 10 mins or had already expired.

Now, I have had problems with my system clock losing time.  At one  
point it was more than 30 mins behind.  I have since attempted to set  
up an ntp daemon, although I'm not convinced of my success.  Right  
now my clock is a little less than 3 mins behind the real time.

However, 3 mins does not explain why the day won't increment.  Is  
there anything else I can check that may be causing this?  In the  
meantime I've put in an explicit expiration of Jan 1, 2006.  In case  
it matters, my system clock is set to the local time (US Eastern  
Daylight Time, or GMT -05:00).


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