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From Derrick Spell <>
Subject Cookies not set
Date Mon, 17 Oct 2005 18:47:39 GMT
I'm having an issue where sometimes the cookie is not being set on  
the client.  If you do a graceful restart of apache and then try  
again, the cookie is set.  What's even more strange is that not all  
clients are having this problem, but the ones that do will have the  
problem consistently until I restart the webserver (meaning it  
doesn't seem to matter which apache child they get, they do not get  
the cookie).  Frankly, I'm baffled.  Does anyone have any idea what  
may be happening.  My embperl config is below

Embperl_Cookie_Name "MySecureCookie"
Embperl_Cookie_Path /secure
Embperl_Cookie_Expires "+12h"
Embperl_Cookie_Secure 1


"Perl's grammar can not be reduced to BNF.
The work of parsing perl is distributed between
yacc, the lexer, smoke and mirrors.''
-Chaim Frenkel

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