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From Neil Gunton <>
Subject Re: Embperl and worker MPM
Date Sun, 09 Oct 2005 17:58:28 GMT
Gerald Richter wrote:
> Geting Embperl with threads (and therefor the worker MPM) is planned for one
> of the next releases.
> The problem is, that it is a lot of work, which needs to be done in my free
> time, so I cannot exactly say when it will be finished.
> Some time ago Gary Shea [shea at gtsdesign dot com] try to collect some
> money on the Embperl list to to speed up this implementation (in such a case
> my company would pay some of the implementation cost, but my company is not
> big enought to pay all of it of it on it's own)

How much do you need to do this? Setting a specific target and then sending out a "fundraising

appeal newsletter" might help. Set up a PayPal account and make a special "donations" web
page on 
your site so that it's really easy to donate (people do not need to be paypay members in order
use a credit card). Yes, I know PayPal isn't the ideal solution, but they do make it easy
to give, 
which is the important thing. Also, implement some kind of "progress bar" on the site to keep
of how much you've raised in relation to the target.

I'n not just spouting here - I did this recently on my crazyguyonabike website to raise funds
for a 
new server. I couldn't afford a new one, so I sent out a newsletter to the user community
to ask for 
$2000. The email went out in the morning, and we had raised the target by the end of the day.
people kept on giving, and the final total was over $5000 a few weeks later. I was quite surprised!

I don't know how many people are on your mailing list, Gerald, but I think there were about
600 or 
so that got the email (hard to say with spam filters etc) and a 150 or so who donated anywhere
$20 to $300. You might need more money for this, I have no idea, but you're also probably
with people who use Embperl for business. So you might get larger donations if you play your

People certainly should be grateful for all the effort you've put into this project over the
you might be surprised at the response. But you do have to make it easy - do the PayPal page,
mine for example below. Also, have an obvious link to it from the front page. When the fundraising

was active, I put the donation button in a big yellow box with a progress bar. You have to
the progress yourself, but that's a trivial project with a small database table.

Key things, I think, are:

1. Make it clear what you're doing and why people should send money
2. Make it really easy to give
3. Give people a visual indication of progress toward the goal - they seem to love that

I ran crazyguyonabike since 2000 and never asked for anything in return. I thought asking
donations was distasteful somehow, and I wanted to keep money out of it. However in this case
needed a new server, so everybody would be benefitting. If a similar drive helped you do more
make Embperl even better, then that benefits everybody here, so I think it's in perfectly
taste. Many open source projects have a "donate" button.

If you'd like any more help with this then let me know.


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