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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject RE: Embperl and worker MPM
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2005 12:43:25 GMT
Hi Neil,

Yes, it's a good idea to setup a donate button. I already have a PayPal
account (also I didn't used it for a long time), so this should be no


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> From: Neil Gunton [] 
> Sent: Sunday, October 09, 2005 7:58 PM
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> Subject: Re: Embperl and worker MPM
> Gerald Richter wrote:
> > Geting Embperl with threads (and therefor the worker MPM) 
> is planned 
> > for one of the next releases.
> > 
> > The problem is, that it is a lot of work, which needs to be 
> done in my 
> > free time, so I cannot exactly say when it will be finished.
> > 
> > Some time ago Gary Shea [shea at gtsdesign dot com] try to collect 
> > some money on the Embperl list to to speed up this 
> implementation (in 
> > such a case my company would pay some of the implementation 
> cost, but 
> > my company is not big enought to pay all of it of it on it's own)
> How much do you need to do this? Setting a specific target 
> and then sending out a "fundraising appeal newsletter" might 
> help. Set up a PayPal account and make a special "donations" 
> web page on your site so that it's really easy to donate 
> (people do not need to be paypay members in order to use a 
> credit card). Yes, I know PayPal isn't the ideal solution, 
> but they do make it easy to give, which is the important 
> thing. Also, implement some kind of "progress bar" on the 
> site to keep track of how much you've raised in relation to 
> the target.
> I'n not just spouting here - I did this recently on my 
> crazyguyonabike website to raise funds for a new server. I 
> couldn't afford a new one, so I sent out a newsletter to the 
> user community to ask for $2000. The email went out in the 
> morning, and we had raised the target by the end of the day. 
> Then people kept on giving, and the final total was over 
> $5000 a few weeks later. I was quite surprised!
> I don't know how many people are on your mailing list, 
> Gerald, but I think there were about 600 or so that got the 
> email (hard to say with spam filters etc) and a 150 or so who 
> donated anywhere from $20 to $300. You might need more money 
> for this, I have no idea, but you're also probably dealing 
> with people who use Embperl for business. So you might get 
> larger donations if you play your cards right.
> People certainly should be grateful for all the effort you've 
> put into this project over the years, you might be surprised 
> at the response. But you do have to make it easy - do the 
> PayPal page, here's mine for example below. Also, have an 
> obvious link to it from the front page. When the fundraising 
> was active, I put the donation button in a big yellow box 
> with a progress bar. You have to update the progress 
> yourself, but that's a trivial project with a small database table.
> Key things, I think, are:
> 1. Make it clear what you're doing and why people should send 
> money 2. Make it really easy to give 3. Give people a visual 
> indication of progress toward the goal - they seem to love that
> I ran crazyguyonabike since 2000 and never asked for anything 
> in return. I thought asking for donations was distasteful 
> somehow, and I wanted to keep money out of it. However in 
> this case we needed a new server, so everybody would be 
> benefitting. If a similar drive helped you do more to make 
> Embperl even better, then that benefits everybody here, so I 
> think it's in perfectly good taste. Many open source projects 
> have a "donate" button.
> If you'd like any more help with this then let me know.
> -Neil
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