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From Gavin Carr <>
Subject make test failure
Date Sat, 01 Oct 2005 21:06:02 GMT

Debugging my segfault problems in another thread, I tried building Embperl
2.0.0 on another box running RHEL4, perl 5.8.5, httpd 2.0.52 (RH version),
and mod_perl 2.0.0. make test fails during the mod_perl tests as follows:

#76 upload.htm...             ERR:Internal Server Error
Input:          test/html/upload.htm
Output:         test/tmp/out.htm
Log:            test/tmp/test.log
  noloop = 1
  reqbody = Hi there!
  query_info = multval=A&multval=B&multval=C&single=S
  offline = 0

 ERRORS detected! NOT all tests have been passed successfully

Found unexpected output in httpd errorlog:
[Sun Oct 02 07:07:07 2005] [error] [13083]ERR:  24:  Error in Perl code: Can't locate Apache/
in @INC (@INC contains: ....)

Haven't dug any further into this - I assume it's a mod_perl2 issue - 
should be using Apache2::Response here shouldn't it?


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