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Subject Re: username and password with basic auth
Date Thu, 15 Sep 2005 10:42:55 GMT
Hello all,

thank you for your suggestions to my problem. I have solved it this way:

use Apache ();
my $r=Apache->request();
my $auth=$r->header_in("Authorization");
$auth =~ s/Basic//;
my ($user, $pass)=split(/:/, decode_base64($auth));

Apache is configured *without* any Authentication handlers. The deeper
reason for this solution lies in the fact, that I am refactoring some
existing application which became too slow with an increasing number
of clients, because the user authentification and other data
processing was made in two steps between webserver and database. I
have now modified the database schema and queries in such a way, that
all work is done with a single "select" into the database, which calls
some stored procedures in the SQL server which do all user auth
etc. Therefore I did not need Apache to do any authentification

---> doj / cubic

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