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From Neil Gunton <>
Subject Re: Tag mismatch
Date Thu, 11 Aug 2005 05:03:09 GMT
Gerald Richter wrote:
>>I had a minor issue with Embperl 2 thinking there were some 
>>mismatched <UL> and suchlike, whereas these were in fact just 
>>being generated in some conditional/looping code (and so the 
>>tags would obviously not match up if you look at the code in 
>>a linear fashion (as Embperl2 appears to be doing). I just 
>>got around that by changing those cases to [+ '<UL>' +] etc, 
>>in other words they are no longer tags to Embperl but simply 
>>strings. This seems like a cludge but there were only a 
>>couple of cases so it seems like an isolated case, not all 
>>over my code. It would be nice if we could switch off this 
>>kind of overly anal behavior without losing other stuff like 
>>forms processing, but I guess you can't have everything.
> Syntax EmbperlBlocks will disregard _all_ HTML tags, i.e. it will still fill
> your %fdat and [$hidden$] works, but <input ... > will not get anymore the
> value from %fdat.
> The best for you would be, to go to the Embperl/Syntax directory, make a
> copy of (let's say, remove all
> definition of tables and lists and then add
> Embperl_Syntax EmbperlBasicHTML
> To your httpd.conf
> Gerald

This doesn't strike me as a very elegant solution - what about when Embperl updates come out,
you have changed the file? Then I would need to go through this file and figure
what to change each time. This isn't the way that customization should be done for an application

framework, imho. I know it would work, and you know the code very well, but I do not really
know it 
very well at all and I don't much fancy messing with the Embperl innards.

A better solution, I think, would be to have some setting that could be set at the "user"
developer) level without having to hack the source code.

But I know that's just more work for you Gerald, sorry! ;-)


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