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From Neil Gunton <>
Subject Re: Embperl::Execute under 2.0
Date Wed, 10 Aug 2005 22:27:27 GMT
Gerald Richter wrote:
>>Basically when path is in there, it crashes, when path is not 
>>there, it works. Is there anything about this that gives a clue?
> The path must be an array ref and not a string e.g.
>  path => [
> '/www-dev/vhosts/',
> '/www-dev/vhosts/',
> '/www/lib/perl/Apache/',
> .... ]
> Sorry, I should have noticed that eariler.
> I will include a check within Embperl that makes sure we really have an
> array ref and don't segfault if not
> Gerald

Hi Gerald,

Thanks for the (offline) help - I think I have fixed most or all of the warnings and errors
in my 
main body of code which Embperl 2 was picking up on, so now I get a "clean preload"... so
as of now 
I will be testing my code in more detail to see if there are any more surprises in there.
I'll let 
you know if I find anything...

I had a minor issue with Embperl 2 thinking there were some mismatched <UL> and suchlike,
these were in fact just being generated in some conditional/looping code (and so the tags
obviously not match up if you look at the code in a linear fashion (as Embperl2 appears to
doing). I just got around that by changing those cases to [+ '<UL>' +] etc, in other
words they are 
no longer tags to Embperl but simply strings. This seems like a cludge but there were only
a couple 
of cases so it seems like an isolated case, not all over my code. It would be nice if we could

switch off this kind of overly anal behavior without losing other stuff like forms processing,
but I 
guess you can't have everything.

Thanks again,


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