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From Neil Gunton <>
Subject Re: Embperl::Execute under 2.0
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2005 02:15:57 GMT
Gerald Richter wrote:
>>Hi Gerald,
>>I tried adding the Embperl::Init() to the startup script, 
>>after the 'use' and before the preload routine is called. Now 
>>it gives a segmentation fault:
> I have spent some more time debugging this and it is a problem with module
> initialisiation order under Apache 1.3. (it worked for me before, because I
> used the -X switch for testing, which does not make sense in real live)
> It would be a lot of work to get it working with Apache 1.3, while it
> already works with Apache 2.0.
> So from my point of view, if you are currently in the process of changeing
> software, why not move to Apache 2 as well? You can use the Apache::compat
> module and most of your mod_perl sepcific code should continue to work.
> Apache 2 offers a lot of benefits over 1.3, so I really use it everywhere
> right now.
> Gerald

Well, I wasn't really in the process of upgrading software... I want to stay with Apache 1.3
least for now, because there are at least two proxy modules that Igor Sysoev wrote (mod_accel
mod_deflate) which allow me to differentiate proxy requests by cookie, and I am not sure if
that is 
available in the Apache 2 mod_proxy module (when I mentioned the issue on the Apache list,
some of 
the developers told me that I shouldn't do it because that's not the way HTTP worked, though
appeared to be some vagueness in the spec there... anyway, Igor told me about his modules,
work the way I would expect and work very, very well. Personally, I would expect two otherwise

identical requests which have different cookies to be treated separately in the cache, wouldn't
I mean, cookies are pretty much an integral part of the way HTTP works, so why shouldn't the
be regarded as something that can be used to differentiate requests...). So anyway, I am a
bit wary of moving to Apache 2, also because of the fact that it just isn't all that stable
yet. I'm 
sure it works ok for plain vanilla installations and very middle of the road stuff, but my
are fairly complex and have their own little requirements. I would much rather be spending
my time 
developing functionality than upgrading my software. As far as I am concerned, apache 1.3
works very 
well and I don't really have any reason to upgrade.

Sorry this can't be fixed under apache 1.3... it's a shame, also I am pissed off because all
Apache books are now apparently out of date. Blah.

Ok, so it looks like I may be sticking with Embperl 1.x for a while, at least until I have
time to 
do major amounts of code upgrading and rewriting modules (I also have some mod_perl modules
which I 
don't really have time to migrate to Apache 2).


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