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From Neil Gunton <>
Subject Re: Some philosophical questions
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2005 20:10:56 GMT
Gerald Richter wrote:
> My idea was to write some glue code (Embperl::Kwiki or Kwiki::Embperl) that
> allows to embed Kwiki into an Embperl page, using all the advatages of
> Embperl::Object.
> Since one of the main examples for Embperl is the Embperl website, my idea
> was to integrate this Wiki in the normal Embperl website (which is hosted on
> our servers and mirrored by, so it's a real life example
> how to use it.

Have you seen my site, ? It's one of the biggest bicycle tour

journal websites out there (over 650 journals, more than 50,000 pictures). There are tools
on there 
to edit your multi-page journal, add embedded pictures, also forums, a multidimensional resource

database (you can combine categories, features and locales to browse), and various other things
I am 
currently working on. I am proud to tell people it's done using Embperl, but not a lot of
ask! ;-)

This the site I wanted to add to your sites list. I also did an online id registry 
( which is a working proof of concept for solving the problem
proving your identity to other people online. It's basically a fully encrypted online database
you can keep your personal info, and you can pass encrypted tickets to other members showing
only what you want them to see (name, address etc). The core concept is that *you* control
personal info and only reveal it to people *you* choose. You prove your identity using the
documentation, but the real world infrastructure for making that happen is the hardest part.
It was 
featured on slashdot, and most people seemed to miss the point completely, thinking it was
in the 
same arena as MS Passport. It has nothing to do with single signon. Oh well! This is what
I mean 
about ideas not necessarily getting traction just because you put them out there. Or maybe
I'm just 
not a very good marketing person. I still think it's a good idea, it just needs resources
and a real 
business person to help me sell it to government, business and the general public. I think
as soon 
as people realized that it wasn't "big brother" keeping tabs on you (even I can't see people's
but rather a secure place to keep your info and prove who you are to people that *you* choose,
would think it was a cool idea.

I am currently working on expanding the crazyguyonabike site to include topics other than
touring, and also commerce (a la craigslist and ebay), also will be integrating mapserver
geographical browsing, so the future is exciting. I am about to go to the community to try
and raise 
funds for a new server (dual Opteron) to handle the steadily rising traffic (currently between

30,000 and 50,000 page requests a day, and rising).

> I have some time on the coming weekend. My plan is to
> - Release Embperl 2.0
> - Fix the existing Website
> - Integrate Embperl::Kwiki 
> I am not sure if the time I have is enough, but we will see...
> In case I don't get ready on the weekend, then I would like to let Neil
> setup the Kwiki on his server (using, we could also use
> which my company currently owns)

Now I am not sure what I should do - should I register and spend time on getting
wiki up, Gerald? Or would you rather do it all on your server? From what I've seen, it would
pretty easy to get going.

Thinking about this, I honestly don't see it as being particularly important to have Embperl

integrated with the Wiki itself, since all we really want to do here is write stuff, and the
toolkit does that (and organizes it) very well already.

So I am quite happy to register, get the wiki up and start adding content to get
started. Do you want that, or should I just wait?

BTW, if I do register and you want to use it yourself, Gerald, I will always be
than happy to sign it over to you for your own use if you'd rather do it that way.

Let me know...



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