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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject RE: $req_rec not set for preloaded pages
Date Tue, 16 Aug 2005 14:27:34 GMT

> I have noticed something strange: When I preload pages under 
> Embperl 2, $req_rec appears to be undefined later when the 
> pages are requested. It works ok when I do not preload. I 
> think I may have made a mistake earlier when testing, mixing 
> up Embperl 1 and 2 handlers, because I thought all of this 
> worked ok, but now it seems not to be working.

Do you see a similare behaviour for other globals e.g. $escmode ?

> Also, (perhaps unrelated, don't know yet), when I tried 
> upgrading my production server (which runs Debian Sarge, 
> apache 1.3.33, mod_perl 1.29, perl "v5.8.4 built for 
> i386-linux-thread-multi"), using Embperl 2 produces a 
> segfault when starting apache. This is currently happening 
> whether or not I preload, so I will have to do some more 
> investigation to see what's happening there. Meanwhile I have 
> rolled back to 1.3.6 on the server. I'll tell more once I 
> know if this is user error or something else...

Most time such an error is because the binaries are do not fit together
(i.e. compiled with different compiler options, compiled for different Perl


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