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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject RE: tag mismatch
Date Tue, 09 Aug 2005 12:20:29 GMT

> I now copied my old embperl-scripts and wanted to run them 
> under 2.0 and now have the following problem: I have a pair 
> of functions (PrintMenuStart, PrintMenuDone), PrintMenuStart 
> is called to build up the start of the "frame", ending with 
> <td>, then depending on the menu selection some content is 
> put out, and at the end PrintMenuDone is called that simply 
> puts out </td></tr></table>.
> With 2.0, embperl complains about a tag mismatch. is it 
> possible to disable this error? I found the part in the 
> source that returns tcTagMismatch but I'm not sure if this 
> will have further implications...
> Rewriting the code would be a lot of work, since I use this 
> approach (function pairs) several times.
The problem is the interpretation of table tags for dynamic table

You can set the syntax to EmbperlBlocks, either in the httpd.conf
permanently or for a block of code by using

[$ syntax EmbperlBlocks $]

You can switch back with

[$ syntax EmbperlHTML $]

This will cause embperl not to look at any html tag, so dynamic tables, form
processing etc. will not work within such an area.

If you don't use dynamic tables at all, you could also define your own
syntax, by coping Embperl/Syntax/ to a new name and delteing
all references to tables tags.


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