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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject RE: Some philosophical questions
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2005 19:22:57 GMT
> Looking more at Kwiki, it appears that a substantial amount 
> of work has gone into this package already, so perhaps 
> re-inventing the wheel isn't such a great idea! ;-)

I agree, we should not spend our small amount of free time reinventing the

My idea was to write some glue code (Embperl::Kwiki or Kwiki::Embperl) that
allows to embed Kwiki into an Embperl page, using all the advatages of

Since one of the main examples for Embperl is the Embperl website, my idea
was to integrate this Wiki in the normal Embperl website (which is hosted on
our servers and mirrored by, so it's a real life example
how to use it.

I have some time on the coming weekend. My plan is to

- Release Embperl 2.0
- Fix the existing Website
- Integrate Embperl::Kwiki 

I am not sure if the time I have is enough, but we will see...

In case I don't get ready on the weekend, then I would like to let Neil
setup the Kwiki on his server (using, we could also use which my company currently owns)

If anybody has a better idea or thinks my suggestion are bad, let me know. I
am open for every comment!


P.S. MediaWiki is a great tool, but I would like to stay with Perl as long
as we have a good solution in Perl

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