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From "Gerald Richter" <>
Subject RE: Some philosophical questions
Date Mon, 01 Aug 2005 07:05:33 GMT
Hi Neil,

> I've been thinking about putting together an "Embperl 
> Cookbook". To keep things simple, I will 
> probably start it as a website, and just see what I can think 
> of in terms of all the things I've 
> been doing over these last few years (a few of them wrong, 
> obviously)... and of course other people 
> will be able to contribute. Then, if it seems worthwhile, 
> someone like O'Reilly or whoever could put 
> it all together as a book if they want to. It's been done 
> before I think, putting stuff that was on 
> the Web into a book format. Anyway, it's just an idea at this point.
> I have never used a formal Wikki. I think I'll just take a 
> stab at putting something together myself 
> as I have the time. I think these things go better when there 
> is some organizing entity, I'm not 
> absolutely sure I believe in the "anybody can edit, anytime" 
> model. It seems to work for larger 
> community projects like wikipedia, but for a smaller thing it 
> might be better if there was a person 
> writing the thing to give it some continuity and structure. I 
> kinda believe in the concept of an 
> "author" who takes ownership of the content and guides it. Of 
> course, if someone else wants to do 
> the Wiki then that's fine too! Plenty of room for all, I 
> think. In any case, it takes someone to put 
> something together in the first place, so that other people 
> feel there is something to contribute to.
> Anyway, just an idea, I'll let you know when I've got something.

I think haveing a Wiki is a good idea, because it make it very easy for
people adding their ideas and experiences.

Haveing things structured is also a good idea, so at the moment I would
prefer a Wiki and somebody who looks after it (something like an editor) and
makes sure things are added in a consitant way (reorganizes it as far as
necessary). What also would be great, would be somebody who picks up the
answers from the mailing list and put it in this Wiki as a FAQ.

Also your Cookbook (which I would highly appreciate) could be put into this
Wiki, which would people give the chance to easily add additions and

What do you think?


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