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From Lars Kelto <>
Subject Re: Some philosophical questions
Date Tue, 26 Jul 2005 17:31:15 GMT

> Advocacy for tools like mod_perl and Embperl may be a way to go, but it can't 
> really replace "buzz" in the developer community.

   I know a lot of people and companies using mod_perl, and writing CGIs. 
This may or may not be driven by legacy motivations.  But one thing I find 
consistently is that these same skilled Perl/mod_perl developers have no 
idea that there's a great system for embedding that perl into pages ala 
PHP or ASP.  The profile is very low.  Some more awareness of its 
existence would probably do much to fuel interest in Perl and mod_perl.

   One thing is for sure, it is not and seemingly will never be the best 
choice for a casual web developer.  Good.  Letting the hardcore folks know 
what it can do should help it find more niches.  As far as I'm concerned, 
there's nothing else like it.

   Re: Philippe's story, I find that management can't get over one 
key thing: can we hire other people that understand this?  Just overcoming 
this fear and getting them from MS to open source can be a huge battle, 
and to take them to a technology with under 200 hits in Google gives a lot 
of ulcers.


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