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From Neil Gunton <>
Subject Re: [$ hidden $] bug in 2.0?
Date Thu, 28 Jul 2005 05:55:07 GMT
Gerald Richter wrote:
> Hi Neil,
>>I'm attaching the Embperl tar and the source file. You should 
>>be able to duplicate what I am seeing using these... if not 
>>then maybe reality is becoming even more distorted here in 
>>America than I thought!
>>Let me know if/what you see...
> I found the difference. You really used a "bug" in the 1.3 parser.
> You wrote [$ hidden $] and I wrote [$hidden$]. The difference is the space
> after the hidden. The 1.3 parser interprets this space as an first empty
> argument. You can get the same result with [$ hidden , $] (with or without
> spaces) in Embperl 2.
> I think the way Embperl 2 behaves is more predictable and clean. I don't
> think it makes sense to move this bug over to Embperl 2.
> You can simple do a   s/hidden/hidden ,/   in your code and things should
> work with both versions.
> Gerald

Thanks Gerald, that does work. Wow, I never realized I was using a bug all this time! ;-)

I still think that it makes more sense to just use $fdat for all the form fields. It's simple:
get all the inputs there, and you can then add things to it, and these will get included in
hidden fields if you use [$ hidden $]. It's a one-stop-shop, all form data in one place.

But, your call of course. I'm sure it makes sense inside the code...



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