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From Neil Gunton <>
Subject Embperl::Execute under 2.0
Date Sun, 17 Jul 2005 05:19:19 GMT
I am trying out Embperl 2.0 again. It appears (at first glance) to work with most of existing
but it will take quite a lot more testing before I commit it to my production box. The big
so far is the file. I preload all the html and epl files to maximize shared memory.
involves traversing the directory tree, calling this on each file:

Embperl::Execute ({
    inputfile => $filename,
    import => 0,
    path => $path,
    escmode => 0,
    options => 16});

However this produces the same error for every file:

    [14953]ERR:  56: : Unknown Provider epcompile

Apache does appear to complete starting, but I am not sure what state it is in, with these
messages. It seems to imply that the code is not being compiled, which obviously would not
bode well 
for it being in shared memory.

The documentation for Execute appears to not be present under the new 2.0 docs. Has it changed
some way? Am I not supposed to be able to preload modules under 2.0 any more, or is this a

straightforward bug?

The system is Debian Sarge (stable), Perl is "5.8.4 built for i386-linux-thread-multi" (the
one that 
comes with Sarge), Embperl 2.0rc4 (i.e. freshly downloaded & built from source, all tests
mod_perl 1.29, apache 1.3.33.

Any guidance much appreciated.



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