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From "Hartmaier Alexander" <>
Subject cdbi & embperl
Date Wed, 15 Jun 2005 12:44:52 GMT
Hi lists!


I use Embperl (2.0) since over 3 years now and Class::DBI since I discovered
it approx. at the beginning of this year.

I want to implement functions or methods to display html tables for some of
my cdbi objects with different filters (e.g. show all, show only a subset
based on an sql where clause AND sort them by different columns).


At the moment (without the use of cdbi) I have an 'embperl library' which I
load with


  Execute ({ inputfile => 'library.epl', import => 1 });'


in every of my pages.

In this library I have defined several subs which get the database handle,
the sql query or sometimes only the where clause and the sort field(s)
passed and print the table with Embperl.

I thought that it *might* be better to move them into a method of the
different classes...


Is there a preferred way to do this or how to some of you do it?


With kind regards

Alexander Hartmaier


T-Systems Austria GesmbH

Rennweg 97-99 1030 Wien


phone: +43 57057-4320

fax: +43 57057-95-4320

mobile: +43 676 8642 4320


internet: <> 



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