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From Daniel <>
Date Fri, 24 Jun 2005 00:35:22 GMT
> I am a bit awed that you would go through all the effort of pointing to
> two identical instances of the same opaque reference so as to put down ?
> the original poster ? but don't bother to answer the obvious question.
> Where does one use EMBPERL_OPTIONS ?  Is there an example which makes
> sense somewhere?  

Thanks. well put.

I had actually read the docs trying to find it, just not the 1.3. (I
thought it was implied in the quote I had provided that this option
existed for 2.x as well)

> I put EMBPERL_OPTIONS optRawInput in the <Files *html> </Files> in
> my httpd.conf and the webserver never restarted though the cpu was pinned
> at 99% and apachectl configtest gave me an ok.  
> My own problem is that my code is litered with escmode=0 because an
> array of strings with #anchor links is declared in one file and printed
> in another, and I am creating a site in 3 languages where all the utf-8
> strings get destroyed by the escmode.  As there is no public user input
> I would like to turn off escaping for the whole site because it seems to
> do me more harm than good.

I managed to figure out my bit, and can probably help, but i'm not sure
if there's a question you need answered?

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