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From Marco Scoffier <>
Subject embperl and mod_negotiation
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2005 13:49:43 GMT
Is anyone one using an Embperl Object site with mod_negotiation ?

I am trying to get _base.epl called when pages are named and
index.ja.html .  When I call the page directly it works.
  http://localhost/test/ or 
both get processed through _base.epl but if I call simple
expecting the negociation to happen, I get the correctly negotiated but without having been processed through _base.epl.

The relevant sections of my httpd.conf:

<Location /test/>
        PerlHandler Embperl::Object 
        EMBPERL_OBJECT_BASE _base.epl
        EMBPERL_SESSION_HANDLER_CLASS "Embperl::Session"
        SetHandler  perl-script
        EMBPERL_URIMATCH "\.html"
        AddLanguage fr .fr
        AddLanguage en .en
        AddLanguage ja .ja
        DirectoryIndex index
        Options ExecCGI +MultiViews

Relevant files in /test/ :

home/www/test/> ls
_base.epl  index.en.html  index.ja.html   index.html.html  

I've tried with 
        EMBPERL_URIMATCH "(\.html|\.fr|\.ja|\.en)" 
but this does not change the results.



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